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4 Features To Add To Your High-Performance Custom Home Design

4 Features To Add To Your High-Performance Custom Home Design

4 Features To Add To Your High-Performance Custom Home Design

High-performance Custom Home Design is in demand these days. But if you are thinking about a high-performance Custom Home, which features should you consider? And why are these features important? 

We are covering the answers to these questions, and more. 

4 High Performance Features For Your Custom Home Design 

1. Insulation 

Quality insulation is key for a high-performance home. While many people think about the insulation on the inside of their home, the most important pieces are actually on the outside. That is because, if it is attached in an efficient way, then every inch of exterior insulation provides the same benefits as an inch and a half of interior insulation. In order to achieve the most effective insulation, select quality materials with a reputation for a high insulation factor. 

2. Mechanical systems 

There are a number of mechanical systems available that improve a home’s performance. We think the most important mechanical systems to invest in include: 

  1. a Heat Pump 
  2. a Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) 

A high-performance home needs less heating but more cooling and ample ventilation. Investing in good Heat Pumps and Heat Recovery Ventilators will result in a more comfortable, livable home, ensuring the temperature is always comfortable and there is plenty of fresh air indoors. Best of all, the province and some Cities offer rebates for Heat Pumps and Heat Recovery Ventilators.

3. Windows and doors

Windows and doors can make a significant difference in a home’s energy efficiency. High-performance windows and doors prevent drafts from coming in and reduce the amount that any heating and cooling escape through gaps or thermal bridges. As an added bonus, quality windows and doors will keep your home quieter and your utility bills lower. 

So what should you look for in quality windows and doors? It is important that the windows and doors in your high-performance home have a high air-tightness factor as that will reduce drafts in your house. Homeowners and Builders who are focused on quality are opting for windows that are triple-glazed. It is good if they have Low-E coatings to control the amount of heat gain. Finally, to keep the heat and the cold where you want them to be, the frames of the doors and windows need to be designed to ensure they have little thermal bridging, this is called a U-Value. 

One of DOS Design Group’s favourite Window and Door companies is Innotech Windows and Doors. They maintain one of the highest airtightness ratings with a hardware system that also increases the security of your home, they can custom tailor your Low-E coatings for each window and door to ensure that the Glass is letting exactly as much heat and light as you need and they have some of the best U-Values with a hybrid framing system that allows them to either strengthen the Unit, decrease the thermal bridging or a little or each. 

4. Retractable shades 

When you are planning a high-performance Custom Home Design, you may want to consider retractable shades. These shades are important as they help prevent solar heat gain and excessive light. Top-of-the-line retractable shades can be installed on the outside of your house with sensors that detect if it gets to bright or too hot, and will automatically come down if it does. This means that while you are away during the day, the home can remain shaded when needed. This saves money for homeowners over time and ensures that the home is always the right temperature. 

Draft On Site’s favourite retractable shades are from Talius. This company prides itself on shades that block 90% of the UV light coming in and 50%-75% of the heat. Talius even offers clear retractable shades that block light from coming in without giving up your amazing view. 


While there are more high-performance features that you can add to your Custom Home Design, these are four of the most important. Together, they will help you create a home that is the ultimate in comfort, while protecting the environment. 

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