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Story of DOS Design Group

The Story Behind DOS

The Birth of Draft On Site Services

Founded in 2015 by Shira Rosenberg and Nick Petrie, Draft On Site quickly expanded to encompass three Divisions: Measuring & Scanning of Real Estate to communicate floor plans and layouts for Sale and Leasing purposes; the Design Studio for producing As-Builts of existing structures as well as developing Plans for Renovations or New Houses; and a Virtual Reality Design Centre, for developing Virtual Reality Models of structures that could then be explored to better communicate and document a proposed project increasing transparency and reducing deficiencies in projects. 

Specifically our focus was documenting structure and layout through a combination of Laser Measuring and 3 Dimensional Scanning systems that allow us to achieve best-in-class products or developing 3 Dimensional Virtual Models to communicate a proposed space. However, this is not traditional Photography, which is focused on telling the story of a place; this is communicating the Layout, Construction and Condition of a place through 2D Plans and 3D Models.

The Evolution to DOS Design Group

The Design Studio Division of Draft on Site Services has a large team of multi-disciplined Building & Interior Designers and Drafters, including a Passive House Canada Certified Designer and a Certified Residential Designer, giving us the ability to design small to large scale projects efficiently and effectively, while maintaining a 100% City Permit approval rate. We found we delivered the best value through this division and began offering many more services beyond just “drafting on site” in fact with the new technologies we were employing we no longer did any drafting on site. Due to this, in 2019, the decision was made to rebrand to DOS Design Group Inc – a name that pays homage to the past while looking forward to the future as a full service design firm.

Due to our expertise in measuring and scanning we have developed a specialized process for producing As-Built Plans for Existing Buildings which is optimized for an efficient design process. This means that we are sought out for Character Retention, Renovations, Stop Word Orders or Change-of-Use Development Permits due to our advanced Scanning and Measuring technologies and practices.

Another reason we are sought out is that we have a company policy of starting a design by reviewing the Authorized Building Plans and comparing them to Municipal Zoning and By-Laws to ensure that any design we develop meet Municipal requirements and has the greatest chance of being approved during Permit review: hence the reason we maintain a 100% City Permit approval rate.

As a by-product of this policy our New Build projects benefit from a regimented process of: researching the property, the Zoning, the relevant By-Laws and Building Code / Building By-Law; developing a Plan for addressing Stakeholder concerns, specifications and any restrictions identified during the research process; and then designing to these defined parameters to provide a set of Plans that meet the Client’s needs and satisfy all tiers of Government requirements.

This internal culture we have of constantly striving to improve our abilities, skills, technology and our understanding of construction & design has lead us to be an active member of the Greater Vancouver Home Builders Association (GVHBA), where we participate in several committees and councils including the Technical Committee which is focused on Building Science and the Suppliers Council which is focused on leading edge construction materials and supplies. 

We are also proud to sit on the City of North Vancouver’s Advisory Design Panel (ADP) as the Construction Representative, as well participate in and provide feedback at many Municipal workshops and meetings for City Planning & Building Departments, keeping us as up-to-date as possible on Zoning, By-Law and Building Code changes.

In essence we are passionate about what we do.


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Now and into the Future: “No Ego” Philosophy

We started this business with a philosophy that it is not about us: it’s about you. It is your project: your home; your office; your business. Not ours. This means that we are always going to to do what is best for you, unless you tell us otherwise. We will always try to keep your design to your project size/budget and we will tell you when we think that something will take you out of that size/budget. If you tell us to go ahead anyways we will keep designing. If you tell us to keep to the last approved scope of work we will do that too. No ego involved. 

No ego also means that if you ask us for a neat and interesting design we will give you one, but if you ask for a simple design that is easier or cheaper to build then we will do that too. We are not interested in spending your money on things you don’t need or want. Once again we are not looking to change your budget, just design to the specifications that you have presented. As the saying in the project management industry “don’t gold plate a project unless that was the specification”.

To make this clear: we don’t think that your money should be spent to make our portfolio look better, we think you should spend your money on whatever is important to you. That may be designing a stunning project, detailed to the limit, but that could just as easily be removing one wall or adding a door. Because of this philosophy we work with projects that have budgets that range from DIY and Ikea to custom imported millwork and high-end finishes. Once again, it is all about you.