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4 ways to add feng shui to your kitchen design

Add Feng Shui To Your Kitchen Design

4 ways to add feng shui to your kitchen design

Feng shui is all about bringing good energy to your home – and life. We can all use a bit of that!

To fully feng shui your home can be a feat, though. Experts say that feng shui is most important in three rooms: the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

This blog focuses on the heart of the home: the kitchen. Here are four easy ways to add some feng shui to your kitchen design.  

Why add feng shui to your kitchen design?

According to the art of feng shui, the kitchen is key to the energy of the entire home. Therefore, anything done in this room is amplified, helping the entire house. The kitchen is also key to your health as it is tied to your nutrition. Keep good energy in the kitchen and you will help maintain a healthy body and soul.

4 easy ways to add feng shui to your kitchen design

1. Use soothing colours

Colour choice is one of the easiest ways to bring feng shui to your room. When it comes to the kitchen, bringing a sense of calm is key – and that can be done through colour. Feng shui says to avoid black, but soft grey and greens are both encouraged. As an added bonus, green is linked to health.

2. Think about your oven placement  

You want to always position your oven in the south or southwest part of the room. As the oven has strong fire energy, its placement is important to keep your kitchen balanced. Just make sure that it is not next to the sink as it has water energy that will clash with the fire of the oven.  

3. Grow some herbs

Herbs connect your kitchen to the life energy of the earth and help keep you focused on simple pleasures. For the best feng shui, keep a small herb garden in your kitchen. Pot the herbs in earthenware containers like clay rather than in metal or plastic. 

4. Keep it airy and bright

Natural light and fresh air are key to feng shui. Make sure you have more than one window in the space. These windows should be large and easily opened for good airflow.  

Before doing any construction to feng shui your home, make sure you have the appropriate permits. There is nothing worse for good energy than being faced with Stop Work Orders.

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