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Simple tips to avoid problems with your Building Permit Drawings

Simple tips to avoid problems with your Building Permit Drawings

Getting a Building Permit can feel overwhelming… but it doesn’t need to. That’s why, today, we are focusing on one of the most difficult – and, for many people, frustrating – parts of the process: Building Permit Drawings. There are three easy ways to simplify the development of your Building Permit Drawings, while also protecting yourself against future issues.    

The three ways to make your Building Permit Drawing journey easier.   

1. Gather information first

Before you jump into having Building Permit Drawings created, take the time to complete proper research into the process. This research should include looking up basic information about Building Permit Drawings, as well as the general requirements for Building Permit Drawings in your City.

2. Double check

While internet research can be a valuable tool, asking a real, live person about your Building Permit Drawings is always the best practice. It is advisable to double check your expectations and assumptions about the Building Permit process with the head of all things Building Permit related: your City’s Building Officials.

In addition to double-checking key information, this conversation will allow you to discover if you have missed anything about the Building Permit process and learn how to submit your final Building Permit Drawings once they’re ready. Most cities have checklists that list many of the possible requirements for an application: you can even ask the city to go through their checklist with you in order to check-off what you will need for your application, which in turn will let you know what to ask for.  

The third and most important thing you can do to prevent issues with your Building Permit Drawings is…

3. Work with a professional home designer

There’s a tight format required for Building Permit Drawings. These aren’t just idea sketches that you can put together on the fly. These are drawings that must demonstrate that your project will adhere to the BC Building Code, as well as municipal building By-Laws. In order to meet the drawing’s requirements in a quick, easy and painless manner, it is best to bring in a professional who has experience with Building Permit Drawings.       

Finding the right professional home designer for you can be challenging. Make sure you research your options, then conduct interviews with your top candidates.

During each interview, check that the home designer knows the BC Building Code, as well as your area’s local By-Laws.

It’s also important to check whether or not any revisions your city requires to your Building Permit Drawings would be covered; and, if not, what the pricing structure would be for such revisions.

Finally, ask for references or testimonials and follow up with each home designer’s references. You want to have absolute confidence in your choice’s ability to complete your Building Permit Drawings correctly and on time.  

Building Permit Drawings may be a complex part of the building process, but with a bit of work and the right team alongside you, you can sail through this step and move straight onto construction.

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