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Should You Build or Renovate?

Should You Build or Renovate?

To Build or Renovate… that is the question. And it is a challenging question in Vancouver today. There are a number of pros and cons on both sides. Today we want to address these pros and cons so you can make the decision that is right for you and your family. 


The Case for Building

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1. More choices 

When you are building a Custom Home, you get to design your home your way. You can work with your designers to create a space that is ideal for you and your family. Basically, you get to figure out what your dream space is and have it come to life! 

2. Quality from the ground up 

When you choose to buy a home and renovate, you can make some changes; but you may also be stuck with some of the choices made by previous owners, as well as limits due to the structural components of the home. A custom home allows you to decide exactly what quality material will be in every part of your Home. If you want a sustainable home, a new build can ensure you have a high performance space from top to bottom. 

Right now we are seeing a lot of people putting money into their homes to make them top-of-the-line with the idea that they will be generational homes passed down to their children, grandchildren and beyond. 

3. No surprises

Renovating older homes always carry the risk of surprises. Structural issues, mold or other issues are commonly found in older homes. When you build a custom home, you do not have to worry about the condition of the home and you know there are no issues. For clients with health issues, especially severe allergies, building can be the safest option. 


The Case for Renovating

build or renovate - vancouver home designer - draft on site services inc - draft on site design group

1. A larger home

There are strict guidelines on the size of new builds in Vancouver. If you buy a character home, one built before 1940 (restrictions may apply), and renovate it, though, you are not held to the same size restrictions. This means that renovating can give you a home that is 10% to 20% larger than what your Zoning allows a new home to be. If its a Character House you even have the option of building a second smaller house on your Lot, called an Infill House: it uses some of the size of your Main House so your Main House will not be quite as large but it can easily be 50% larger than Laneway House, making it quite cozy. 

2. Making a home sustainable 

If you are dedicated to the environment, you may want to take a home that has not been sustainable up to this point and make it so. This can be a good way of helping reduce the impact of current Homes on the environment. By renovating you are also reducing the impact on the environment that is created when you demolish a home to build another. There are also some excellent subsidies right now to help with the costs of making character homes more sustainable. 

3. History 

When you purchase an older home, it comes with history. If you want a character or Heritage Home, that is something that cannot be achieved with a new build. Therefore, if this is key for you, you will want to opt to renovate your current home or purchase a home with some character. No matter the age of the house, you never know what charm you may find underneath and even if you don’t find much, you can always work with a Designer to create new details and bring your own character to your house. 

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