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Supplier Profiles: Caesarstone

DOS Design Group Supplier Profile Caesarstone

Supplier Profiles: Caesarstone

Here at DOS Design Group, we appreciate our suppliers. Without them, we could not create the amazing Custom Homes and renovations we do. One of our favourite suppliers to work with is Caesarstone

caesarstone gallery image

Who Is Caesarstone And What Do They Create? 

Founded in 1987, Caesarstone is a US/Isreali based company that was a pioneer in natural quartz market. The company specializes in premium quartz surfaces for residential and commercial environments. They make everything from countertops to flooring to vanities to artistic pieces. In fact, the company’s social media features artists’ work using their quartz. 

While you may or may not know Caesarstone by name, you have probably already seen their products. Their quartz countertops can be found in some of the world’s top hotels, including the Hilton, the Courtyard Marriott, Dream Hotel, and Hotel Indigo. Their work is also featured in numerous restaurants and cafes.   

caesarstone gallery image

What Makes Caesarstone Special 

There are many reasons we love Caesarstone so much… 

1. Quality 

Caesarstone creates beautiful, high-performance pieces. Each piece of their quartz is unique and stunning. On top of that, the countertops, vanities, and flooring are hard wearing. They are truly made to last a lifetime – and to impress everyone who encounters them for at least that long. 

2. Functionality 

Caesarstone quartz is perfectly functional. It is stain and scratch resistant. That means you can spill, cut, or make any other mess on it without consequence. Plus, it is non-porous, so will never need to be sealed. 

Best of all, if you are using their material in your kitchen or bathroom, you never have to worry. The quartz inhibits the growth of mildew and bacteria. That means any countertop or vanity maintains a hygienic surface. This high level of functionality is perfect for DOS Design Group’s Custom Homes. 

3. Variety 

If variety is the spice of life, then Caesarstone is keeping things flavourful. With all kinds of colours and patterns, there is a piece for everyone. They also work with artists to create new designs for their projects. 

Right now, the company has four main collections: 

  • Supernatural
  • Classico
  • Metropolitan
  • Concetto   

Each collection offers a whole range of products. If these do not meet your needs, then Caesarstone may be able to make a one-of-a-kind piece for your DOS Design Group Custom Home

4. Process

Environmentally healthy practices are important to Caesarstone. The company uses sustainability standards, including recycling 97% of the water used in the manufacturing process. In addition, they collect the dust that accumulates through shipping, handling, production and processing. Most importantly, the company continually strives to develop new practices that make the smallest environmental footprint. This is one of the reasons we love Caesarstone. 

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