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Why You Should Combine Custom Home Design And Interior Design

Why You Should Combine Custom Home Design And Interior Design

Why You Should Combine Custom Home Design And Interior Design

What’s the best way to achieve a seamless flow between the interior and exterior of your Custom Home?

And why does doing so matter?

A well designed Custom Home in Vancouver should have continuity between the interior and exterior, as well as the integration of the artistic into the structural, in order to help the homeowner feel connected to the home’s identity.

While most Custom Home Design firms only deal with the structure, Draft On Site now not only provides Custom Home Design but also has an experienced Interior Design team on staff, in order to achieve that seamless flow between exterior and interior for your next build.

5 Reasons To Have A Single Firm Handle Your Custom Home Design And Interior Design


1. Teamwork

When you have a single firm working on your Custom Home Design and Interior Design, you have an entire team available to you. You know there will be no conflicts between your Designers. Instead, your team will work together to create the smoothest possible process for the creation of your dream home!

2. A singular vision

As there is one team when you have a single firm handle your Custom Home Design and Interior Design, there is also one vision. This prevents clashing ideas and grounds your design. You can trust that your Home Design and Interior Design will work to create an overall look. At Draft On Site, there is the added bonus of a No Ego Design approach. This approach is focused on giving clients what they want – not telling them they have to fit into your Design aesthetic.

3. Save time

Working with separate Home Designers and Interior Designers means having at least two conversations about any ideas or issues that arise. If your Designers do not get along, there may be even more conversations needed. All these conversations can eat up your time – and make your home design feel like a full-time job. Using a single firm guarantees that you can stay focused on your life, leaving your home to us.

4. The cost

You may be able to get an overall package when your Custom Home Design and Interior Design are combined. This will often save you money compared to having the same services handled separately. If your Designer charges by the hour, you will certainly save money there as you will save all the back and forth calls and meetings. While this may seem like a small saving, it adds up over the course of a design and build process.

5. Simultaneous work

Working with separate firms may mean one firm is waiting for information from the other. This often means your Interior Design will lag behind your building design as they wait for the Plans to be updated. That also means you will end up waiting longer before you are able to get into your house. Having a single firm eliminates these hold-ups as your Interior Designers and Custom Home Designer are always working in tandem. They can focus on one move in date, making sure that you and your family are in your home as soon as possible!

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