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Which Construction Materials Can Be Tagged in Matterport?

construction materials tagged in matterport scan

Which Construction Materials Can Be Tagged in Matterport?

Matterport scan technology is one of the most innovative pieces of technology to ever hit the real estate market, and the building and development industry.

Many professionals are still learning the many opportunities Matterport 3D scans and virtual walk-throughs offer, particularly for Contractors, Builders and Realtors. That is why, today, we want to discuss one of the strongest aspects of Matterport for builders and contractors specifically: tagging construction materials within the final scan of your finished project.

The Matterport scan process and how it can be used for Builder/Contractor portfolios and Realtors

Matterport 3D scans create full 360º virtual versions of a completed home or unit. What does this mean for you?

If you are a Builder or Contractor

As a Builder or Contractor, a professional portfolio that stands out from your competitors can assist you in securing more jobs – and the type of jobs you truly enjoy working on. Matterport provides an excellent opportunity to showcase your work in a unique way: with interactive 3D walk-throughs of your completed projects.

The Matterport scan can be uploaded to your website as a portfolio piece. Clients can virtually view the interior of the home.

In addition, you can highlight materials and features of the property in order to identify the suppliers you work with and to bring unique elements to the viewer’s attention. For example, we can place a tag to highlight the flooring used in the home, and add the supplier’s name, the flooring model and colour, and add a link to the supplier’s website.

With Matterport, we can also tag important elements, such as a special window application, or a convenience item, such as a built-in smarthome system, to show to clients.

If you are a Realtor

Selling real estate in Vancouver is competitive. Matterport is gaining in popularity because of its appeal to potential buyers. By creating a 3D walk-through of a property, buyers get a better “feel” for the interior of the listing. They get a virtual experience of an open house without physically being in the property. Realtors can then offer private tours as a follow up to buyers who are interested after viewing the Matterport tour.

Similarly to the uses for Builders or Contractors, Realtors also take advantage of the tagging capabilities of the Matterport scans, which can highlight conveniences, unique elements, luxury finishes and more.

What kind of materials can we tag in your Matterport scan?

Which types of items can be tagged in your final scan? Here are a handful of examples:

  • Siding
  • Roofing
  • Flooring
  • Lights
  • Hardware
  • Fixtures
  • Furniture
  • Decks
  • Driveways

In addition, you can tag things like the paint colour and supplier, colour of flooring and more.

More information about Matterport is available here on our website. Our team can provide specific information and pricing for a Matterport scan of your project or listing.

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