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Duplexes, Residential
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About This Project

This front-to-back duplex, located in West Point Grey, was designed for a new developer using Vancouver’s new residential Duplex rules and included a 2 car garage for the property. The narrowness of the lot was ultimately what led to the decision to create the duplex front to back, allowing us to maximize the living space of each floor and unit. The lot also had multiple terrain challenges and as such, no basement was included in order to reduce costs of construction and allow all square footage to be used above grade. The benefits are that the duplex has much better views from every floor which we maximized by ensuring every room had windows overlooking the views and building upper decks for both units. We designed a compact, yet open layout using interesting nooks and alcoves to maximize the square footage and skylights to add more headroom. Each unit had a Loft Rec Room space with its own upper floor Deck. Does your lot pose multiple challenges? Let us see what we can come up with for your new build!