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About This Project

The goal of this project was to give the exterior of the home a facelift. With new colour tones and veneer stone, the vision was to create a modern and complementary look. We added new trim to contrast the exterior colours making the home’s colourings stand out. We redesigned the archway by removing the bottom of it in order to give it more of a curve and gave the archway more details ensuring it was visually appealing.

Each of the windows was designed to match the archway and we extended the upper floor trim as well. The installation of new windows, doors, boards and batten really revitalized the appearance of the home both the front and rear of the home.

Client’s Comments

We highly recommend the design services of DOS Design Group, who prepared an outstanding design for our exterior house renovation. We love the final design and many people, whether friend or stranger, have complimented us on how good the house looks. We are impressed by not just DOS’ design but also by their design process. This is especially true given that our previous experience with an “award-winning” design-construction company has been absolutely disastrous, and we have had to learn the hard way that not all design services are what they claim to be.

To begin with, on our first meeting with DOS before we had signed a contract or paid even a single penny, Nick and Shira freely shared design knowledge and ideas and gave us more information in one free meeting than we got from many months of invoiced, business-focused meetings with our previous in-house designer for a contractor. It was obvious to us that designing was a passion for Nick and Shira and not just a means to make money, which probably goes a long way towards explaining why their work is so outstanding!

Second, we greatly appreciated that Nick was a good listener who made a concerted effort to understand what we wanted and ultimately incorporated all the architectural elements that we asked for. Moreover, DOS did not just reproduce what we said we wanted but blended in additional and exciting dimensions to our requests. The final result is that we truly feel ownership of the end results as it incorporates the elements we had imagined, but at that same time, it was much better than we had envisioned or could come up with on our own. This is exactly what we had hoped to get from a designer, and DOS produced!

Finally, we were very impressed with the interactive process where our feedback on interim designs were quickly incorporated and turned around, culminating in a final meeting where renderings were instantly redrawn or changed during our meeting so that we could more easily compare and decide on competing scenarios. This, in contrast to our previous experience where even minor design changes took weeks if not months to incorporate and were more often than not done incorrectly!

Thank you to Nick and to all DOS team members who contributed to the stellar design of our renovation. We strongly recommend DOS Design Group to anybody interested in benefitting from extraordinary design services. Bravo, Dos Design Group!