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Pipeline Project

Duplexes, Residential
About This Project

The West Coast Contemporary is a unique exterior style for buildings that features linear, modern and minimalist factors complete with large windows that bring the natural light into the interior space. 

For the Pipeline Street Project, we used 5 materials to make the house look classic and timeless – Wood, Concrete, Metal, Glass and Stone. Incorporating the Wood material into the building creates a more “homey” feeling because of the warm tones in the colour scheme.

The location of this site is situated at the top of a slope allowing lots of natural light to come into the building. The slope helps emphasize the beauty of the property and provides breathtaking views from all around the house. The Shed Roof design slopes in the opposite direction, adding some playfulness to the overall look of the building.

With the equal distribution of visual elements, the overall balance of the home design looks aligned and contemporary.