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Update and Refresh for a Port Coquitlam Home

About This Project

This recently finished home renovation and addition project was designed by DOS Design Group for a client in Port Coquitlam.

The end result is a functional space for dropping off the kids, getting them into and out of  shoes and jackets, while still being inter-connected with the rest of the Living Space.

Before we describe the project we will let Dave comment on their experience:

“Given this was our first renovation, I had no idea what to expect when I hired DOS.  The quote at first seemed higher than I had expected, but fast forward through the process and now I feel like I’ve gotten exceptional value for my money.  There was way more to getting a permit than I realized, and DOS handled it all with high quality and friendly service.  I’ve recommended them to all my friends thinking of renovations.”

There were a number of interesting challenges when we began work on this project due to it being an extension of the House into the existing Carport, converting the Carport to a Garage and then to add a detached Workshop behind the Garage. The Carport obviously wasn’t insulated, neither was the Concrete Slab, so we had to design the changes to replace those sections of the Slab, add new Footings to support the new Walls, insulate the Roof above and then create the Mudroom / Foyer they were looking for. All on a budget.

We worked with Clients to retain the style of the House while adjusting the space to find a way to make everything work and create the look they wanted to achieve. We think it turned out beautifully.