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Draft On Site is proud to announce our new Interior Design Team!

Draft On Site is proud to announce our new Interior Design Team!

Here at Draft On Site, we are always thinking about how we can best serve our clients. Over the last year, we moved into the Interior Design space to ensure we can support all of our clients’ home needs. The response so far has been amazing, so we are now taking our services to the next level, launching our dedicated Interior Design Team, headed up by Lyndsay Mossman and Peter Lai!

What makes our Interior Design approach different

As with Building Design, Draft On Site is bringing our unique approach to Interior Design. So what sets us apart?

1. No Ego Design philosophy

Often, for Interior Designers – just like Building Designers – their own style dictates their work. That means that clients have to live in a home based on the Designer’s taste rather than their own. At Draft On Site, we believe in a No Ego Design philosophy. We listen to our clients’ wants and needs, allowing that to inform our Designs. We also believe in open communication, so clients can speak their mind without having to worry about anyone’s ego impeding being heard.

2. Access to Code Consultations

Interior Designers often need consultations to discuss the feasibility of, say, removing an interior wall to open a space up. Most Interior Design firms have to reach out to other professionals to have Code Consultations in these cases; but, with Draft On Site, these happen with our in-house Building Design Team. That makes the process fast and efficient. If there is a Code concern, our Teams work together to resolve it, finding ways to rework the vision rather than compromise it.

3. Accurate As-Built drawings

An As-Built is a set of Drawings showing a Project as it was built: this could be revised drawings that are provided after a build or renovation is completed, although an As-Built Set is rarely completed at the end of the project, or it could be just prior to a new renovation, which is the most common situation. Interior Designers then use these drawings to know how much space a room has, its shape, height, Window and Door location and sizing, and more. As-Builts can also be compared to the Plans on File at the City which will advise if work was completed without Permit, something City Staff will identify very quickly when they are on site if the Plans do not match the House as it is currently built. The problem is, As-Built drawings are often inaccurate if they were not produced by someone with the knowledge of what is needed when Designing.

When working with Draft On Site for both Building Design and Interior Design, we can ensure that our As-Built drawings are accurate, allowing our team to be confident in the quality of every drawing that leaves our firm, so that inaccuracies do not become larger, more expensive issues during construction.

4. Teamwork

The biggest difference between Draft On Site’s approach and other Building and Interior Designers is teamwork. Not only does our Interior Design team work together, but our entire firm works together. That means our clients do not just get Building Design or Interior Design in a void. Clients have access to all of our expertise to ensure a holistic approach that prioritizes them. Finally, we believe in collaboration with our clients. We want to ensure there is always open communication so our clients feel heard and get a Design that it is right for them and unique to them.

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