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Draft On Site is Passive House Certified!

Draft On Site is Passive House Certified

Draft On Site is Passive House Certified!

We are proud to announce that our talented Designer Tannaz is now Passive House Certified! That means Draft On Site can now design Passive Houses for our clients in the Lower Mainland!

Why does that matter? Let us take you through all the details – and you an insight into why we are excited about the Passive House movement.

Why being Passive House Certified matters

Passive Houses are the most energy efficient buildings on the market! They use up to 90% less heating and cooling energy than other homes.

Currently, buildings make up 40% of overall energy use and create up to 30% of yearly greenhouse gas emissions. With global warming being increasingly recognized for the crisis it is, Builders and Home Designers are looking for ways to change this – that includes our team.

Passive Houses are not just more energy efficient, but more comfortable than traditional homes. They blend comfort with efficiency, as well as having a lower impact on their environment and using affordable materials and systems to maintain their efficiency. Unlike other homes, they maintain an ideal temperature year-round and eliminate hot and cold spots in buildings without the need for electrical heating and cooling systems. This has already allowed Passive Houses to revolutionize how green building practices are seen in Europe, where the Passive House concept was born, and North America.

In Vancouver, this movement is being headed up by Passive House Canada. Passive House Canada is working hard to educate consumers about energy efficient design. It is also serving as an overseeing body for Passive Houses in Canada. In order to ensure that Passive House Builders and Designers are qualified and that the highest standards are met, Passive House Canada offers courses and exams. Those who pass – like Tannaz – are then Passive House Certified!

What being Passive House certified means for Draft On Site

We believe that energy efficient, sustainable, comfortable housing is the way of the future. We want to do our part to help create more energy efficient housing. In order to put that philosophy into practice, we decided our Design Studio should become Passive House Certified. This led to one of our Designers Tannaz taking the requisite courses and passing her exam!

The skills we have learned from Passive House Canada will allow us to:

  • Design Passive Houses
  • Bring more energy efficient practices to all our designs
  • Advise our clients about energy efficient practices

We are also one of the only Passive House Designers in Canada who specialize in Renovations. Working with Builders, we will now be able to work with clients to incorporate more energy efficient practices into their homes or to turn them into Passive Houses.

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