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Draft On Site Now Offers White Labelled Designs To Contractors

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Draft On Site Now Offers White Labelled Designs To Contractors

Draft On Site is now offering white label Design services to Contractors in the Greater Vancouver Area.

Contractors that have worked with in-house Designers have likely encountered a number of issues that can arise with this approach. We heard from many Contractors and are now white-labelling our Design services. That means we do the designs, with your company’s logo on the finished product. Here is how it works.

The Challenges Of Working With An In-house Designer


1. Designers are expensive to employ in-house

When you have a Designer on staff, you have to pay them whether you have enough work to keep them busy or not. This means that, if you are in a slow period, you may end up losing money on your Design services.

2. It takes time and money to find the right Designer

Recruiting the right in-house Designer can be difficult. You may need to headhunt: engaging in a time-consuming and expensive process to get someone who fits with your business.

3. There will be gaps in your Designer’s knowledge

No Designer is an expert in every facet of building. That is why firms such as Draft On Site have an entire team of professionals, with each member bringing a unique perspective, knowledge, and experience.

4. You may have to train your Designer

As all Designers do have gaps in their knowledge, you may have to train your in-house Designer. This is especially true if you are working on niche projects. Like headhunting, training can be costly and time-consuming.

5. There is a limit on the number of projects a single Designer can take on

If you have an in-house Designer, there is a tight cap on the amount of work your company can take on. This may force you to turn down work during busy periods.

Why Use Draft On Site’s White Label Design Service?


1. A Design team

With Draft On Site’s white label Design services, you do not just have a single Designer available to you. Instead, you have an entire floor of Designers! This allows us to handle multiple projects at once – and means you never have to turn work down.

2. Start to finish service

Draft On Site is a full-service Design firm. That means we can be your one-stop shop, handling your Design needs for the project, from beginning to end.

3. Specialized knowledge and experience

Our team has a range of specialities from envelope design to the BC Energy Step Code to Passive Houses. That allows us to handle projects of any kind.

4. Flexibility

We design for all budget levels. In addition, we do not have a signature style, believing that the style we use for each project should be governed by our clients’ wants and needs.

5. Excellent communication

We are strong communicators who are always ready to engage with you and your clients. This allows us to make sure each Design is special for and unique to the client. Our top priority is you and your clients being satisfied with their Design.

6. State-of-the-art technology

We have a range of software and technology to allow us to Design better and faster. This software and technology includes: VR tools, 3D capable computers, state of the art AutoCAD, Revit, remote viewing and more.

7. Options

We offer you a variety of ways to work with us. We can handle your clients for you on the Design side or we can work behind the scenes. On top of that, we allow you to decide between having us work remotely or having in-person meetings. Our services are a la carte, letting you choose what suits you and your clients best.

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