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Evolution Of The TV Room Part 2: The Death Of The TV?

Evolution Of The TV Room Part 2: The Death Of TV?

Evolution Of The TV Room Part 2: The Death Of The TV?

In the first part of this series, we explored the growth of TV screens. It has definitely created and impact on the evolution of the TV room and how they are designed. Now, we examine the next stage of evolution in the TV room – and the potential “death” of the TV itself.

The rise of individual screens and how they sparked the latest evolution of the TV room

While TVs have gotten bigger and bigger over the years, urban dwellings have become smaller and smaller. This has made it almost impossible to meet the recommended viewing distances for today’s flat screens. At the same time, there has been a rise in individual screens and internet TV viewing options, like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Using a tablet or laptop with a membership with one or more online TV options has become the norm. Given all these factors, many people nowadays, especially city dwellers, have chosen not to have a TV in their homes.

The current evolution of the TV room

In the past, the TV was the focal point of the TV room or, in an open concept layout, potentially the entire space. With the latest evolution of the TV room, this focal point is lost. This has left home designers with the question of what to make the centerpiece in place of the TV. The answer ultimately depends on each homeowner’s wants and needs, but this question must always be addressed now.

Another common question is “If the TV is dying, is there even a need for TV rooms at all?” Currently, most people are continuing to have a TV room – even if they do not keep a TV in it. They are, however, often shrinking the room size or merging it with other spaces. Over the next several years though, as the latest evolution of the TV room continues, we expect TV rooms to be replaced by viewing nooks. These will likely be small areas with comfortable seating that are spread throughout homes and apartments. Until we reach that point, home designers will continue to pave the way in figuring out how to create a space that has the feel of a shared, family experience, while accommodating individual viewing.

What impact has the various evolutions of the TV room had on the way we live and on family dynamics? We explore this topic in part 3 of this series on the evolution of the TV room. You can also go back and read up on the how the layout of the TV room has evolved over the years in the first part of the series.

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