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Evolution Of The TV Room Part 4: Predicting The Future Of The TV Room

Evolution Of The TV Room Part 4: Predicting The Future

Evolution Of The TV Room Part 4: Predicting The Future Of The TV Room

We have already addressed two evolutions of the TV room, as well as the impact these evolutions have had on family dynamics. Now, for the final article in our TV rooms series, we turn our attention to predicting the next evolution of the TV room.

One potential evolution of the TV room

Tv Room Design

Photo credit – Greytek

We are already seeing the beginning of a new evolution of the TV room – creating mini home theatre spaces.

With everyday viewing now available on personal screens, there is no longer a need for a simple TV room. Therefore, some families are choosing to upgrade their TV rooms, turning them into toned-down home theatres, complete with comfortable viewing chairs, large screens, and excellent speaker systems. Add a popcorn machine and you’re ready to enjoy a trip to the theatre at the comfort of your home.


The other potential evolution of the TV room

Another potential avenue for a future evolution of the TV room is the multi-purpose TV room or dispersed viewing spaces. With personal screens as the new norm – and showing no sign of letting up – TV rooms no longer need… a TV. This frees the space up to become a multi-use room with several smaller viewing nooks rather than large couches.

We also think these viewing nooks could eventually be placed in various areas around homes. This creates more flexibility around where people will watch video programming and opens up former TV rooms for more creative uses, such as family gyms, home studio spaces, or craft and game rooms. This could be an interesting shift as it will likely push family time and TV time into different realms, allowing families to enjoy more activities together where they truly engage rather than simply share a viewing experience.

Wherever the next evolution goes, home designers are always there to help shape this development, making it work for homeowners.

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