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Keep Your Family Healthy: Make Your Next Home A Passive House

Keep Your Family Healthy: Make Your Next Home A Passive House

A Passive House is not only a great way to protect the environment but also your own health – and the health of your loved ones. Not sure how a house can help your health? There are actually several ways.

How A Passive House Can Help Your Health


1. No drafts

Drafts can lead to health issues. The worst situation is when you have drafts in rooms you sleep in. When this occurs, respiratory ailments can emerge or get worse. A Passive House is designed to be almost airtight so have few unintended drafts, all airflow is planned so that there is always fresh air, so you can rest easy – and breath easy too, knowing that you are not going to walk through the house and feel a draft!

2. No mold

Mold – it is one of the biggest risks to your health in your home. When houses are damp, it is easy for mold to grow. If there are drafts, black mold can grow. When there is moisture but no draft, this can lead to the development of lethal white mold. All forms of mold release spores in the air that can be damaging to our lungs and other key organs. With a Passive House, the house is designed to breathe so that the moisture is constantly being released into the outdoors and to make it difficult for moisture to find its way back in, preventing mold from developing.

3. Less physical stress

Every time the temperature changes more than two degrees, the human body experiences stress. When this happens, it can go into a calorie reduction mode, retaining more weight. With a Passive House, the temperature remains consistent. This means that your body does not experience stress related to temperature change when you are in your home. That can have a significant impact on you and your loved ones’ health, especially if someone in your family has a stress-related illness, such as lupus or dementia.

4. No vermin

When houses are not properly sealed, it is easy for vermin to get in. These can include mice or rats, both of which carry disease. The best way to protect against vermin is to have a home they cannot get into in the first place. Since Passive Houses are fully sealed, they ensure that vermin cannot enter. This protects you and your family from vermin – and the diseases that can come with them.

5. Less emotional stress

If you are worried about your health, that can increase your level of stress. Similarly, having to get rid of mold, vermin, or drafts can be emotionally challenging. We now know that stress is connected to every health issue, from cancer to heart attacks. A Passive House allows you to let go of the worry about your home, its impact on your and your loved ones’ health as well as letting go of the stress of high energy bills.

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