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What Makes A Good Interior Design?

What Makes A Good Interior Design?

People talk a lot about “good Interior Design”, but what makes it “good”? There are a few simple elements that people are really referring to when speaking about good Interior Design. 

Today, we are going through these elements so you know what to consider when thinking about Interior Design for your home. 

5 elements of good Interior Design 

1. Thoughtfulness 

There is a lot of creativity that you can bring to Interior Design because there are no hard rules you must follow. We believe, however, that good Interior Design is deliberate. Even when a room has a more casual, “thrown together” look, it is still well thought-out and designed to feel that way. Everything is planned to meet the needs and style of the homeowner. If you are building a Custom Home, opt for Integrated Design as it allows everything from the size and shape of the house to the furnishings to be planned all together, giving you the best results. 

2. Functionality

Interior Design is an applied art, not a fine art. The primary purpose of the space in your home is for living, not being staged for magazine pictures. Because of this, Interior Design is about making a space beautiful, but also functional. The Interior Design has to allow a flow of traffic through the space, and materials need to be safe and appropriate for the space they are in. For example, if you are going to put a couch by a floor-to-ceiling window where it gets full sun, it could become bleached out by UV light. These things need to be considered in the functionality of the Design. Otherwise, your design may look pretty at first, but you will not be happy with it in the long term. 

3. Balance of space 

Interior Design plays with positive and negative space. Different approaches move in and out of fashion. Right now, negative space is popular, which explains why open-concept design is on trend lately. No matter what type of space you favour, the important aspect of good Interior Design is that there is some level of balance between the positive and negative space.  

4. Light and shadow 

As with positive and negative space, good Interior Design includes a balance of light and shadow. There needs to be a plan for how natural light will move through each room throughout the day and into the evening. Will the room be comfortable? Is it going to be bright enough? Will it get too hot? 

A well thought-out lighting plan will also consider positioning, functionality, and colour temperatures for lamps and other lights. Colour temperature is important because it can influence homeowners’ health, including mental health and wellbeing. If you have light sensitivity, make sure to let your Interior Designer know as soon as possible so they can plan your lighting accordingly.  

5. Suitability 

A good Interior Design is geared toward the homeowners. An older couple with no children will have different needs than a large family with young children and several pets. Therefore, good design for one lifestyle may not be good for the other. That is why Interior Designers need to consider who they are designing for, and the wants and needs of their clients. 

At Draft On Site, we have a no-ego approach to design. That means we design for what you, as a homeowner, want and need – and what your style is. Your style is unique, and your home should reflect that! We don’t just focus on trends or fads, we tailor the design to what YOU love, to make sure you get your dream home.

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