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Interior Design Trend: A Focus On Tech

Interior Design Trend: A Focus On Tech

When it comes to Interior Design, technology has long provided focal points for rooms. Now, though, technology has taken on a whole new level of importance. 

Homeowners and Interior Designers are putting home technology in the forefront of their designs. 

But why? 

And what kind of tech is taking centre stage? 

What type of technology is being incorporated in current Interior Design 

In the past, televisions have generally being focal points for living rooms and media rooms. Some homeowners have even wanted televisions as focal points in their bedrooms. These days, there is a lot more technology that you can include in your home. We see many homeowners wanting to incorporate key pieces of technology, such as an Alexa or a Google Home, in their Interior Design. Technology has also become normal in every room – even the garage, which houses electric car charging stations. 

In fact, one of the companies we love, the HiFi Centre, has been using this technology for years and have gotten it down to an art. We would recommend checking out what they can do with any scale of project, making it as visible or invisible as you like. 

HiFi Centre’s Mike Freedman:
The way we interact with technology in the home is changing, it has gone from a one-way medium to an interactive experience. With that we have gained so much convenience and unlimited information at our fingertips and on the tips of our tongues. As we navigate the ever-shifting technology experience, we need to be mindful of a few key considerations:
Is it easy to use?
Can I simply tell my home what I want and ditch the remote control?
Security is also a critical thought, in this digital era we are more likely to suffer a hack or data breach than a break and entry. You need to make sure you are using the right internet security to keep your family and your information safe.
Lastly, at the end of the day, what is the point of all of this technology? Most of the time all you really need to do is turn on the TV and listen to some music so pick a TV that looks great in your space and make sure you pick an option for music that sounds great because what is the point of the rest if the primary function of the system offers an experience which is anything other than great?
At the same time, today’s consumer is looking for ways to save energy and technology in the home can play a massive role:
Certain types of amplifiers use a fraction of the power of a traditional amplifiers with negligible impact on the sound quality of your movies and music.
Automated shades reduce the need to cool or heat a space. 
Smart thermostats help you cut down on your energy use even further.

Why technology has become so key to Interior Design 

Previously, homeowners often did not want their technology to be seen. Large cabinets would house stereos, DVD players, record players, and more. The choice to hide technology could have been tied to the fact that it was often bulky and not aesthetically appealing. It could have also been linked to the fact that much of the home technology of the time carried some stigma, especially television. Few people wanted to be seen as the family who just sat in the living room watching television all the time. 


HiFi Centre’s Mike Freedman:
In the past technology was overwhelming in a space. Big, bulky TV cabinets and speakers dominated a room and certainly did not adhere to the vision of any designer I know. The challenge is that consumers still want big TVs and great sounding music in the parts of their homes which matter but these things are not often part of the conversation with designers so end up with less than optimal placement. 
Compromise is possible though. Certain TVs do a great job of blending organically into a room, amazing sounding speakers can be nearly invisible and run using app based software like Sonos. Everything else can be tucked away in a rack in the basement instead of all over the house. 
The integrity of the original design is preserved and everybody gets what they want.

Why do we need technology in our homes?

Today, the mindset around technology has changed. Technology is about simplifying life now, where tools of convenience have become essential in most people’s lives. In addition, technology has become a status symbol. It is seen as sophisticated, as a way to make your life easier, and even as a way to protect the environment as it is vital for green homes. 

It helps that technology has gotten smaller, lighter, and better looking. Now, it is easy to mount technology in strategic locations around your home – no need to hide it away. Much of the time, it is small enough and sleek enough that people do not even notice it in plain sight. 

Implementing technology into Interior Design and Custom Home Design

Technology is not just part of our finished homes, though. It is part of how we build them. From Custom Home Design to Interior Design, VR and AR are reshaping how professionals work with their clients. Homeowners can now walk through virtual versions of their homes before ground is even broken. 

Looking at all of this, it is no surprise that technology has become such a vital part of our homes. It is also clear that integrated technology is going to be with us for years to come. However, always remember that your home is your choice – regardless of what is trending at the moment, opt for the level of technology that feels right for you and your family. You can always add or take away components later if you change your mind! 


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