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Why You Should Select An Interior Designer As Part Of Your Custom Home Design Team

Why You Should Select An Interior Designer As Part Of Your Custom Home Design Team

Why You Should Select An Interior Designer As Part Of Your Custom Home Design Team

Many people think they should build their Custom Home first and worry about getting an Interior Designer later. 

That, however, could not be further from the truth. 

In reality, you should hire your Interior Designer when you are going through your initial Building Design, long before you ever break ground. Here are five key reasons why.

The Advantages Of Hiring An Interior Designer At The Beginning Of Your Custom Home Design


1. Teamwork

When you start a Design Project it is good to get your Team together and have them all provide input before any major decisions are made. This is called Integrated Design. So, hiring an Interior Designer, as well as the other professionals identified in your Building Designer’s Feasibility Report, will round out the Design Team and make your Custom Home Design perfect. They can plan the flow and use of the space together to ensure it works structurally, mechanically and in every way. The way a Design should be. 

2. A cohesive vision

With your team working together, there will be a more cohesive vision for your Custom Home. The professionals you engage for your project will also be able to realize that vision in a holistic way. This lets them create the best design for your life and style – and execute it in the most efficient, effective manner. 

This means you will never have, for example, your Stair design conflict with Structural elements or have a Drop Ceiling you didn’t expect because there was a Heating Duct that was missed. Instead, everything from the layout of your home to the mechanical elements tucked away to the flooring that accents it all to the furnishings framing it to the decor will tie it together and make it into a masterpiece. 

3. No surprises 

The biggest danger of hiring an Interior Designer later, after your Custom Home Design process is complete and the Permits have been submitted is that they may come up with all new ideas. If you like those ideas, you may end up having to change plans in the middle of your Permit Review process, or, even worse, mid-build, which is costly and can push back your move-in date. When you know the plan from day one, you reduce your chances of having any surprises down the road. 

Of course, there can still be egos and conflicts. That is why working with a single company, like Draft On Site, for your Custom Home Design and Interior Design is ideal. You can then be confident that your whole team is working together – and pulling in the same direction. 

4. Getting what you want 

Having a team that is working together also gets you more of what you want. Since your home is designed with your overall needs in mind, you will find that your Team is weighing your needs with your wants and advising you how to achieve your needs with as many of your wants as possible. Everything you want can be incorporated into your home, giving you exactly what you have always dreamt of. 

5. A clear budget 

And speaking of incorporating everything you want, when you have your Custom Home Design Team and Interior Designer working together, they can create an overall budget for your home and work to ensure that the project stays as close to that budget as possible. This allows you to go into the process knowing exactly what you are looking at in terms of cost from day one, making it easier to plan. 

As this list shows, having your Interior Designer on board from the start of your Custom Home Design makes the process easier and gets you the results you want. So plan to hire your Custom Home Designer and Interior Designer together – or work with a company that offers both services, like Draft On Site! 

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