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Why this is the perfect time to make your Custom Home energy efficient

Why this is the perfect time to make your Custom Home energy efficient

With the introduction of the new BC Energy Step Code, all homes having to be Net-Zero ready in the coming years, and the climate change crisis, building or renovating a house can feel overwhelming. Should you make your home energy efficient or Net-Zero? Will that be affordable? What standards do you need to meet? This is where Custom Home Design can help!  

Why now is the perfect time for an energy efficient Custom Home Design for your build or renovation

1. New regulations

By 2032, all Canadian buildings under seven stories must be Net-Zero Energy ready. While that may feel like it is a long way off, it really is not when it comes to construction. Plus, if you wait until the last minute, you may have a difficult time finding available contractors, the costs may have dramatically increased and you may have to do a special renovation just to make your home Net-Zero Energy ready.

Instead of ending up in that position, we suggest planning ahead. If you are getting a Custom Home Design, you can make a few simple additions, such as better building wrap and insulation, making your home Net-Zero Energy ready from the start. While this will mean some additional upfront costs, it will be much less expensive than doing a renovation down the road.

If you already have a home, think about how you can include energy efficient upgrades in any current renovations you are doing. For example, when you change your siding and windows, that is the perfect time to upgrade your insulation and building wrap, but don’t forget to make sure the new Windows and Doors are going to be compliant with the requirements in 2032, otherwise, you will have to replace them and that can be expensive. By making these changes now, you do not have to worry about scrambling when 2032 rolls around.

2. Savings

An energy efficient new build or renovation will make a huge difference in your bills. When you have a Net-Zero home, you do not have to pay to heat or cool your house. That means that, over time, any energy efficient upgrades will pay for themselves. The sooner you make your home Net-Zero, the sooner you can enjoy these savings!

3. Rebates

Right now, there are several rebates available for energy efficient upgrades. For example, if you add a heat pump to your home, you can receive up to $2,000 back, and if you live in the City of Vancouver you can receive another $2,000 back, so that’s upto $4,000 for just one of many different upgrade rebates available. If you apply for all the rebates available, you could potentially save thousands on your build or renovation! These rebates could disappear in the future though, making it best to make use of them now while they are available.  

4. The environment

We are in the midst of an environmental crisis. While it is easy to put the blame for this solely on the shoulders of corporations and the government, residential homes do damage too. That has already been acknowledged in Europe. Although it is good that the Canadian government is moving toward Net-Zero homes, these changes are not coming fast enough. To make a difference, we all need to reduce our environmental footprints now.

If you are not able to go fully Net-Zero, talk to your Designer about a more energy efficient Custom Home Design: you can get a good portion of the way there without having to go all of the way. Ask about eco-friendly materials and building techniques. Even a small change is better than not trying at all.

5. Health, wellness, and comfort

Net-Zero Energy ready homes offer several health and wellness benefits. On top of that, their stable temperature makes them much more comfortable than the average home. Why wait to get a healthier, more comfortable environment when it is available to you and your loved ones now?

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