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DOS Design Group Profiles in Full Service Design: Lyndsay Mossman

DOS Design Group Profiles in Full Service Design: Lyndsay Mossman

Our full service Design company only works because of the incredible people we have on our team. One of our incredible employees is our team lead for the Interior Design Division, Lyndsay Mossman. 

How Lyndsay Came To Our Full Service Design Company

Lyndsay’s parents are both handy DIY-types. Her mother was always doing renovations or decorating the Mossman family home, so Lyndsay got into Interior Design early. 

When she was asked to draw a picture of her favourite TV show in grade 5, she drew a picture of “HGTV”. When most of the other kids in her class drew “The Simpsons”, Lyndsay realized that not everyone else in her class was obsessed with Martha Stewart and Trading Spaces! 

As a teenager, Lyndsay decided she wanted to turn her passion into a career. After she graduated from high school, she moved to Victoria and took the AutoCAD Graphics Program at Camosun College. That is when Lyndsay got hooked on drafting and 3D modelling. 

Lyndsay then moved to Vancouver, studying Interior Design and BC Building Code at BCIT.  Some of Lyndsay’s favourite Design elements – which have remained to this day – are brightly coloured and patterned tile and fun wallpaper in powder rooms. She is always drawn to a bohemian design with all its colour and texture. Lyndsay loves unique and unexpected Designs that show Homeowners’ personalities. 

During her program at BCIT, Lyndsay discovered her knack for space planning. Whether it’s squeezing a two-bedroom suite into a tiny basement, or designing a 1,000 square foot kitchen, Lyndsay can make any space work to her clients’ advantage with the best Design possible.

What Lyndsay Does At Our Full Service Design Company 

As the team lead for the Interior Design Division of our Full Service Design Company, Lyndsay keeps all the Interior Design elements of our projects on track. She communicates with clients, contractors, and other professionals to ensure everyone is on the same page as the project progresses. At the same time, Lyndsay works with the rest of the team in the Interior Design Division to communicate project updates and changes, as well as ensure that all pieces of the Design puzzle are coming together properly.

Lyndsay’s approach to Design is to keep projects fun, but also realistic. She would never want a client to feel pressured into a purchase they can’t afford, or like their lifestyle was ignored for the sake of a certain aesthetic. That is why Lyndsay guides clients to decisions that work best for them. She also recognizes that Home Design and renovating is a stressful process, so works hard to ensure the Design process is a fun, collaborative experience for everyone.

Lyndsay also brings this collaborative attitude to DOS Design Group’s Integrated Design approach. She knows that Interior Design goes hand-in-hand with Building Science and works with all the other staff to ensure that each project, no matter the size, is code-compliant and properly designed for functionality. Her clients love that DOS Design Group is a one-stop-shop for all of their design needs!

In Her Words

As Lyndsay says, “Many firms just focus on one aspect of design – structural or decorative – but to have the best product possible, you need to think bigger. From unique environmental factors, to zoning and structural requirements, to functionality of the space planning, Integrated Design recognizes that a Home Design project is one  puzzle composed of many individual pieces, all equally important.” 


Enjoyed getting to know Lyndsay? Keep an eye out for more profiles of our team members in the coming months! 


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