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Residential Interior Design

Our full-service design packages for interior renovations of your home begins with scope, risk and budget planning.  On the onset you will need to fill out some forms, and work with a DOS team member to nail down the scope and budget. We assess your needs and discuss ideas and possibilities

Renovations consist of working with the space you have, and transforming it into the home of your dreams. Your project concept and feasibility will determine what is needed, what is possible, what styles you love, and how we can bring it to life. We ensure your home renovation is designed and planned properly; having a complete design, materials, finishes, specification, and construction drawing set  will insure a smooth, surprise free construction phase.

As changes on paper are far more affordable than changes during construction, DOS follows a set of steps through the design work to assure that we can show you in detail and with certainty what your new spaces will look like and what your renovation will cost.

If you need a recommendation, we have relationships with many construction professionals in your area, and when questions and considerations arise on site, we remain available to support you throughout the build.