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Restaurant & Office

Your restaurant, bar, cafe or office has to appeal to your customers and meet your business objectives as well as your renovation budget.

New businesses and expansions are known to be amongst the most technically-difficult interiors to design as well as one of the most risky categories of business start-up.  Our experienced designers will take the time to understand your unique target market needs as well as address the technicalities of the code and health safety requirements for the space. DOS Designers will tell you honestly if they think your space planning ideas will work or if they have reservations or doubts they will explain why and to come up with new positive suggestions. DOS designers will help you develop and build a strong, marketable environment with clear, focused objectives.

DOS also offers Permit Expediting for corporations with in-house design teams. The DOS team brings valuable Permit Management experience to your projects. We have in house specialists dedicated to the VBBL and the intricacies of the City of Vancouver Zoning, as well as in house code consultants for BCBC  and ALR projects. DOS also has a network of consultants on retainer, including Envelope Engineers, Structural Engineering, CEA’s, Architects as well as remote Contract Technicians that allows for work to be completed in almost any City, nationwide.