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Stop Work Orders Series: The Serious Consequences of Working Without Proper Permits

Stop Work Orders Series: The Serious Consequences of Working Without Proper Permits

Welcome to the third part in our Stop Work Orders series!

This month, we created a three-part series about Stop Work Orders

We have already tackled 4 Perfect Examples of Why to Take Stop Work Orders Seriously and Why Stop Orders Happen and How To Prevent Them.

Today, we are wrapping up with a look at the consequences of working without the appropriate Permits. Some of these consequences have existed for years, while others are new. Either way, you want to avoid them at all costs!

Stop Work Orders are only the tip to the iceberg when it comes to building without the proper Permits

We see a lot of horror stories about homeowners who have undertaken work without the proper Permits on their own and received Stop Work Orders. While we try to help them, in some cases, the damage is already done. In these cases, the homeowners can face fines or may be charged to have their home returned to match the plans on file with the City.

These are not the worst consequences, though. In some cases, the City may even order you to demolish your home. Not convinced they would actually do this? Currently, a West Vancouver couple is arguing their case in court. If they lose – and they likely will – they will have to level their 2.9 million dollar home. All because they did not get the appropriate Permits and did not follow the City’s Building Regulations.

If you build a structure that does not meet the area’s Zoning requirements, you will also likely be ordered to tear the structure down.

The latest consequence of doing work without the proper Permits and receiving Stop Work Orders

The City of Vancouver is now creating a complaint registry. This means that, if you get a Stop Work Order or are cited for doing work without the proper Permits, this will be attached to your Properties records.

When you go to sell your property, your real estate agent will be required to share these complaints with any potential buyers. This may be enough for a deal to fall through.

Given this, it is best to avoid Stop Work Orders entirely. The simplest way to do that is always to work with professionals. A professional team will be able to guide you through or handle the Permitting process on your behalf. They will ensure that you have enough time to complete the process – and they will make sure you are granted the appropriate Permits for your work. Then, once you get into the work itself, professionals will ensure you stay within the City’s Building Rules and Regulations.

That way, you can focus on the design of your project, not worry about the bureaucracy of the building process.

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