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As-Built Scan + Measure

Why choose our As-Built Documentation Services?


A good foundation is essential to any home; just as good as-built documentation is essential to any building design.

Our As-Built Floor Plans are measured using laser technology accurate up to 1/16 of an inch!*

We also scan every structure being measured to ensure that we can review and confirm as many details off-site as possible.**

* Accuracy may vary depending on variations in the surface of the material being measured.

** Scans can only detect and record visible features of a structure and cannot record features that are obscured, behind other objects, or inside walls, closets, cabinetry or other similar furnishings.


Protecting Your Liability

If the measurements of a structure are incorrect, the construction plans produced may not be buildable. All our As-Built Floor Plans are backed with a $3,000,000 E&O Insurance policy to protect your real estate transactions.


Layout and Size Matter

The layout and size of a home are key factors to consider when determining compliance with Zoning and Code, and therefore the suitability for a particular renovation. Our floor plans are the best way to have this information available for prospective projects.

As-built Essential

Floor Plans

  • Stair rise and run, Window heights, widths, sill heights and exact placement.
  • Door heights, widths and exact placement. Reflected ceiling details, ceiling heights
  • Appliances, plumbing and millwork locations
  • 1/4 scale PDF with dimensions, room labels

CAD + PDF -$ 0.75 per square foot


scan – $ 0.20 per square foot

GST is additional

As-built Add-On


Elevation Drawings by DOS Design Group
  • 3D point cloud of exterior of building
  • Elevations of each side of building
  • Heights of each floor
  • Exterior Materials
  • Location of all windows and doors
  • Location of all stairs, railings and posts

Exterior elevation data is approximate without client supplying current topographical land survey before appointment.

This product does not replace a legal land survey. 

(minimum charge $1000)

$700 for 1/2 day exterior scan

$1400 for a full day exterior scan

+ Drafting CAD Elevations Billed per hour

GST is additional