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As-Built Scan + Measure

Why choose our As-Built Documentation Services?


A good foundation is essential to any home; just as good as-built documentation is essential to any building design.

Our As-Built Floor Plans are measured using laser technology accurate up to 1/16 of an inch!*

We also scan every structure being measured to ensure that we can review and confirm as many details off-site as possible.**

* Accuracy may vary depending on variations in the surface of the material being measured.

** Scans can only detect and record visible features of a structure and cannot record features that are obscured, behind other objects, or inside walls, closets, cabinetry or other similar furnishings.


Protecting Your Liability

If the measurements of a structure are incorrect, the construction plans produced may not be buildable. All our As-Built Floor Plans are backed with a $3,000,000 E&O Insurance policy to protect your real estate transactions.


Layout and Size Matter

The layout and size of your home are key factors to consider when determining compliance with Zoning and Code, and therefore the suitability for a particular renovation. Our floor plans are the best way to have this information available for prospective projects.


We are currently not taking any online bookings, please email us or call 604.876.3738 to book a Scan & Measure.

As-built Essential

Floor Plans

  • Stair rise and run, Window heights, widths, sill heights and exact placement.
  • Door heights, widths and exact placement. Reflected ceiling details, ceiling heights
  • Appliances, plumbing and millwork locations
  • 1/4 scale PDF with dimensions, room labels

CAD + PDF -$ 0.75 per square foot


scan – $ 0.20 per square foot

GST is additional

As-built Add-On


Elevation Drawings by DOS Design Group
  • 3D point cloud of exterior of building
  • Elevations of each side of building
  • Heights of each floor
  • Exterior Materials
  • Location of all windows and doors
  • Location of all stairs, railings and posts

Exterior elevation data is approximate without client supplying current topographical land survey before appointment.

This product does not replace a legal land survey. 

(minimum charge $1000)

$700 for 1/2 day exterior scan

$1400 for a full day exterior scan

+ Drafting CAD Elevations Billed per hour

GST is additional