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Interior Design & Styling

Thoughtful Interior Design Can Transform Your Life

Residential Interiors

We are excited as you are to start your project. Our diverse team at DOS will design your space to incorporate options that are viable and economical, incorporating functional layouts and personally styled interiors while staying within your desired build budget. Our Design Package Deliverables utilize a full range of tools and visuals to communicate your look and style efficiently.

We always start with mood boards, inspiration and concept art, followed by renderings, product sourcing and finally a detailed instruction manual so that builders and trades execute the design exactly as you envisioned.


Commercial Interiors

What are you really selling? It’s not food, service or a product, it’s an experience. DOS investigates your brand, how to connect with those entering your space and creates an environment and customer path to best showcase your business. Your space will set you apart from your competitors. We always consider efficiency, functionality, and organization needs specific to your business operation when planning your commercial space.


New! Social Distancing Compliant Retrofitting for Commercial Spaces

We know what many businesses will have to adpat and change after the Corona Virus pandemic and prepare for any future flu/corona virus seasons. We are here to help! DOS Design Group now offers interior design focused on retrofitting your commerical space to optimize social distancing and health practices for the safety of your guests. Rebuild your customer base and regain their trust by demonstrating through thoughful design that you are prioritizing their safety.

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