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Permit Drawing Packages

DOS Design Group is experienced in Permits

On Average each year, the DOS Design Group completes over 50 Permit Package sets for submission to the various municipalities throughout the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley and Sea-to-Sky.  

Our team has an extensive working knowledge of the VBBL, BCBC and ALR projects. Nick Petrie, is an active member of the Board of Directors for the City of Vancouver. We are committed to providing our professional recommendations to the City to help shape the Bylaws to suit the everchanging industry. 

DOS Design Group has a network of consultants on retainer, including Envelope Engineers, Structural Engineering, CEA’s, Architects as well as remote Contract Technicians that allows for work to be completed in almost any City, nationwide.

Why Choose DOS for your Permit Application?

The DOS team is experienced in working with various municipalities and Building Code Bylaws. We are committed to finding the best solutions for your project. 

  • Permits involve conducting research on zoning, codes, and planning
  • Coordinating with plan reviewers, clients, and building officials
  • Preparing construction drawings and other documents that follow City code requirements
  • Analyzing proposed projects to determine if they are acceptable according to jurisdiction requirements
  • Meeting with city officials to complete pre-submittal reviews
  • Communicating solutions with project stakeholders and City officials to achieve an RTI (ready-to-issue) permit.

What is a Permit?

A  permit is an official approval issued by the local government agency that allows you or your contractor to proceed with a construction or remodelling project on your property. It is intended to ensure that the project plans to comply with local standards for land use, zoning, and construction.

A Development Permit (DP) is intended to authorize the proposed massing, Sq.Ft., parking and other Zoning-related matters. A DP does not authorize any construction.

A Building Permit (BP) is applied for after the DP is issued. A BP authorizes the finer details related to Building Code, interior layout and construction methods

A combination Development Permit & Building Permit (DB) can be applied for in some Municipalities allowing an applicant to submit for both a Development Permit and a Building Permit at the same time. This usually is only allowed for smaller projects and is limited to Outright applications, it’s intended to accelerate the Permit Application process. A DB authorizes the proposed massing, Sq.Ft., parking and other Zoning-related matters as well as the finer details related to Building Code, interior layout and construction methods.

  • An Outright Approval is one where all of the Zoning and By-Laws are followed without requiring the use of any of the “conditional” zoning clauses. This allows for the Permit to follow the quick approval stream.
  • A Conditional Approval is one where the project design requests use or design element from a Zoning note marked as “Conditional”, “Director of Planning Approval Required” or “can be relaxed with Director of Planning approval”. Quite often these “conditional” elements will allow for a larger building, additional Units or other beneficial features to the project. The conditions for
    approving these requests are set by the City.

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