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Have A Short-term Rental In Hawaii? You May Soon Need A Permit

Permits Needed Soon For Short-Term Rentals In Hawaii

Have A Short-term Rental In Hawaii? You May Soon Need A Permit

Currently, the government has changed the regulations around short-term vacation rentals (STVR) – AKA rentals under 30 days – in Hawaii. Therefore, each property owner listing a short-term vacation rental in Hawaii County will now need to register as a short-term vacation rental and get a permit number. You will need this permit number to be in place by September 28th. Other Islands and counties are passing, or have passed, similar bills in order to cope with the high volume of unpermitted short-term rentals. 

Getting a permit number for your short-term vacation rental in Hawaii

How will the permit numbers work?

Short-term rentals have exploded in Hawaii. That is why the government has been working on new policies to help control the number, locations, and requirements around STVRs on the islands. So after September 28th, any STVRs posted online will have to display the permit number on the listing and sites like Airbnb will have to give the Hawaiian government regular updates about the properties that are listed. 

What happens if I do not get a permit number? 

If you choose not to comply by applying for a permit number, your property will be removed from online listings, and after that you could face potentially large fines from your local government. Therefore, not complying with the new standards could wipe out months of profits from a short-term rental. This is why it is so important to get on top of the new requirements now. 

What do I need for my short-term vacation rental application? 

In order to register your STVR in Hawaii, your application will need to include the following items: 

  • An STVR registration form
  • A landowner authorization 
  • A $500 filing and processing fee
  • Final approvals from the Building Division
  • Current tax licenses 
  • County of Hawaii Real Property Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Site Plans 
  • Floor Plans
  • Notarized Affidavit of Compliance
  • An pre-existing STVRs
  • A list of any affected property owners or lessees
  • A copy of a notification letter to any affected property owners or lessees
  • Proof of service of the letter to any affected property owners or lessees

How Draft On Site can help you register your short-term vacation rental in Hawaii

To help Homeowners comply with the new regulations, Draft On Site is offering Floor Plan and Site Plan packages specifically for short-term vacation rentals in Hawaii. 

For each Site Plan, we: 

  • Do preliminary research about the property 
  • Identify every property boundary, dimension, setback, and easement
  • Identify and label each existing and proposed structure, driveway access, swimming pool, ancillary structure, eaves, and overhang
  • Represent designated parking spaces in compliance with Hawaii County Code and reference points such as shorelines and roadways
  • Provide calculations and a table indicating total square footages of each of the structures on the property

With every Floor Plan, we: 

  • Identify the location and use of all the rooms for the property 
  • Provide all dimensions for the spaces 
  • Plot the Plan on 11″ x 17″ paper
  • Deliver a printable PDF format for review
  • Print three copies of the plans and have them mailed to an address in the US or Canada

The drawing packages we offer cover a range of sizes for your STVR plans: 

  • Up to 1,500 square feet 
  • 1,500 to 3,000 square feet
  • Over 3,000 square feet

Contact our team to get started. 




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