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The sinkless vanity: Hot home design trend, or all washed up?

The sinkless vanity: Hot home design trend, or all washed up?

We have noticed a new trend in Vancouver home design: The sinkless vanity.

What is it, and what are the pros and cons of a sinkless vanity? What should you know before you install one?

And is the trend here to stay or will it soon go down the drain?

The rundown on the latest Vancouver home design trend: The sinkless vanity

The sinkless vanity is all about setting aside space in the bathroom to get ready for your day. Unlike a vanity with a sink, where you risk dropping an earring down the drain or may have to lean at an awkward angle in order to put on your eyeliner, the sinkless vanity makes it easy to access your shelves and mirror.

There are a variety of sinkless vanity options popping up, including everything from chic, modern looks to vintage styles. You can choose to have a mirror or to forgo one in favour of more shelf space.

The pros of the sinkless vanity


1. It helps make sure everyone has the space they need to prepare for their days.


2. No more family fights over the mirror.


3. You have the ideal spot to apply make-up or do your hair.


The cons of the sinkless vanity


1. While a sinkless vanity itself can be easy to install, it requires bathroom space, which is in short supply in many Vancouver houses.


2. In order to have the space you want for your sinkless vanity, you may need to renovate your bathrooms.


Remember, whether or not a renovation is needed, you always want to bring in professionals to install your sinkless vanity.

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