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Architectural Interior Film

A Resurfacing Revolution

DOS Design Group is proud to now offer architectural interior films produced by Bodaq Interior Films and distributed by DOS Design Group. 

These “peel and stick” films allow a flexibility with Interior Design that is unparalleled and are amazing at a variety of things including:

  • Updating a Commercial Space like a Restaurant, Retail Store or Medical Office 
  • Transforming dated Cabinets and Millwork into something spectacular and fresh
  • Resurfacing Walls and Panels to look like any new material
  • Refinishing Furniture quickly and easily 
  • Adding flexibility to new Cabinets and Millwork by allowing multiple materials/textures to be used on the same piece, creating the option for striking contrast on a piece

Whatever you can make with in a finishing environment you can cover with any finish you want. 

Do you have a Reception Desk that has an old Melamine Countertop and you want to change it to Stone? Try one of the Granite, Marble or Concrete finishes. Do you want a Leather finish, a Wood finish or a fabric finish? They’re all possible and can even be mixed and matched on the same piece. 

Any of the Standard Order patterns can usually be brought in on a weeks notice*. Any of the Special Order patterns can either be ordered:

  • for regular deliver and will be delivered in 20-25 Business Days*; or
  • for rush delivery and will be air shipped to arrive in 5-7 Business Days*.

* Disclaimer: DOS Design Group Inc. cannot guarantee the exact delivery date as the product is being shipped from overseas by the manufacturer so there may be unforeseeable delays.







Staff Picks

Contact us to see the full range of interior film materials and colors that looks natural, feels real, and is more eco-friendly.



White Leather

Brushed Weave



Slate Blue

White Oak

Rustic Wood

Zebra Wood

Dark Oak

Dark Walnut

Quick and Easy Installation