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Tour The DOS Design Group Digs, Including Our VR Design Space!

Tour The DOS Design Group Digs, Including Our VR Design Space!

We spend a lot of time talking about our clients’ spaces. Today, we want to introduce you to DOS Design Group’s own space. Here, we make the magic happen, planning Custom Homes, meeting with clients, drafting plans, and conducting VR design. That is why we want to open our doors, giving you a peek into DOS Design Group’s home. 

DOS Design Group’s Office Space, Including Its VR Design Studio

Just as we create dream homes for our clients, we created the perfect digs for our company. Size is important to us. We want to be a one-stop shop for our clients – and have everything we need at our disposal. In order to do that, we needed space. That is why we moved into a 5,000 square foot office. 

Let us take you through the office and describe the role each area serves in our Custom Home Design process. 

1. The VR Design Studio 

The VR Design Studio is what makes our digs truly unique. This space allows us to create virtual reality versions of our projects. Homeowners are then able to see what their homes will look like before we even break ground. Our Designers and Contractors can walk through space with their clients, making any changes they want in real time. This allows us to identify any problems we may need to address and ensure spaces we Design are exactly what the clients are envisioning. 

2. Meeting rooms

We have gorgeous meeting rooms purposed for discussions with our clients or amongst our teams. This is where we talk with our clients. We discuss their dream homes and how we can help them make these dreams a reality. 

Our meeting rooms are also where our team comes together. Our Custom Home Design and Interior Design divisions brainstorm and plan our work on our Custom Homes and renovation projects. This is why our meeting rooms are the beating heart of our client-focused Integrated Design approach

That said, we can “meet” with clients via virtual reality, no matter where they are located, as long as they can access a headset. Alternately, our team travels to meet with our clients as well.

3. Offices and drafting spaces 

Once we have finalized our direction for the project, we have to take the ideas we have discussed and turn them into plans. This means drafting, as well as addressing any challenges that come up along the way. Our offices and drafting areas allow us the space to do this work, while keeping us in close enough proximity that we can reach out to one another for input when needed. DOS Design Group focuses on integrated design: working closely with all professionals required on a project, such as engineers, architects, energy consultants and more to create high performance solutions for our clients.  

4. Materials showroom 

Our materials showroom is one of the primary areas that make our space so special. Here, we have a wide range of samples with an ever-growing library of materials, backed by strong relationships with our trusted suppliers. There are materials for floors, walls, ceilings, and more. While we have a variety of materials, we maintain a focus on high-performance and sustainability. Having these samples on site allows our clients to look at materials before committing to them. It also lets them review a number of options, potentially falling in love with something they would have never considered otherwise. 

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