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5 Ways Virtual Reality Is Changing The Future Of Custom Home Design

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5 Ways Virtual Reality Is Changing The Future Of Custom Home Design

We have discussed VR Home Design and Real Estate quite a bit over the past months, touching on everything from how it can draw millennial buyers to how it can help homeowners visualize secondary suites. With the popularity of VR, it will clearly continue to be part of Home Design and Real Estate for years to come. Therefore, today, we are looking at VR’s role in the future of Custom Home Design.

5 ways VR is changing Custom Home Design


1. You can see your design updates from anywhere

With floor plans, you have to be in the same physical space as the documents. This can make it difficult to share information with your Designer and Contractor. It also forces you to spend time and energy meeting in person with your Designer and Contractor. With VR, however, you can view your design updates from anywhere in the world. This makes it easy for you to move through the design process, even if you are busy or out of town.  

2. It feels like you are walking through a home

When you work with VR, you can digitally walk through your home at all stages of the construction process. This allows you to get excited about your project from day one. It also makes it easier to share your new home with the most important people in your life, including your children – if you have any. Giving your family a chance to see your final home will make sure they are invested in the Design and Building process.

3. There is more realism than in 2D floor plans

2D floor plans are not very realistic, forcing those reading them to imagine what the final home will look like. When you can walk through your home digitally though, you get a realistic look at your finished project. This lets you understand the Design and identify if you are happy with it or not.

4. It creates more effective communication with your designer

Not only will you have a clearer idea of what your Custom Home Design is with VR, but you will also be able to better communicate with your Designer. Having a digital version of your home, you will be the ability to point out any issues you see. You can be more specific too since you can point to specific things you do not like in the Design.

5. There is better accuracy in the final design

Since VR gives you a clearer idea of your project, you are less likely to have surprises when you see your finished home. In fact, there should be no surprises at all! This means you should be happy with your final Custom Home Design, with no buyer’s remorse. This is great for you and for your Custom Home Designer and Contractor – both of whom just want you to be happy!

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