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How To Tell When It Is Time To Renovate Your Vancouver Home

How To Tell When It Is Time To Renovate Your Vancouver Home

It can be hard to know when it is the right time to renovate your Vancouver Home. Should you do it now? Wait a few more years? We have put together this blog to help answer these questions and stop your worries… at least when it comes to Home renovations. 

8 Signs That It Is Time To Renovate Your Vancouver Home 

1. There are signs of deterioration 

Signs of deterioration can come in many forms. Your flooring may be lifting. Your paint may be chipping and peeling. There may be water stains on the ceiling. No matter how the deterioration appears, it is a sign that it is time to renovate your Vancouver Home. This renovation is also an opportunity to give your home a facelift – and can catch any larger issues before they become extensive and costly. 

2. The flow of the space is not working for you and your family

There is a flow to every home. When you build or buy your home, hopefully, that flow works for you. As time goes on, your routines and how you use your home may change. Suddenly, you may feel frustrated as you move through your home. If so, it may be time to look at your home’s layout and update it to meet your current routines. 

3. Your life – and spatial needs – have changed 

Your routines might not be the only thing that has changed. You may have had children since you moved into your home – or had older relatives move in. You may have started a relationship or ended one. Most major life changes also change the amount of space you need in your home and what type of rooms you need. If you have had a major life change, it may be time for a renovation to ensure your home still suits you and your family. 

4. You have money available 

Money may not feel like the ideal reason to renovate your Vancouver Home, but it can be. If there are renovations you have always wanted to make, but avoided due to the cost, this could be the ideal opportunity to transform your house into your Dream Home. 

5. You are developing leaks 

Leaks are a sign that there is something significantly wrong in your home. If you are seeing signs of leaks, it is important to get these looked at as soon as possible. As fixing leaks can involve redoing your roof or going into your walls, this can be a good time to do any other renovation work you have been considering. 

6. You are getting pest infestations 

Pest infestations, especially termites, are another sign that there is something wrong in your home. Again, investigate this immediately before even worse damage can be done to your home, potentially affecting its structural integrity. Like with leaks, you may be looking at some major repairs, so you may as well look at doing a more general renovation to upgrade and seal your home. 

7. You have whole rooms you are not using 

We have mentioned the flow of your home no longer working for you and needing more or less space. Sometimes, however, you just need to find a new use for rooms. For example, if you have a garage but are now looking to go carless, you may want to turn the space into a home gym or a guest apartment. A renovation can help you take any underutilized spaces in your home and turn them into something that you really need or want. 

8. You want a more energy-efficient Home 

With the BC Energy Step Code now in place, more energy-efficient requirements coming down the pipeline from the provincial government as well as many BC Cities, and scientists pushing how much humans need to change their approach to the planet, there has never been a better time to make your home greener. There are a number of features that you can add to your home to make it more energy-efficient – and lots of sustainable materials to consider for your renovation. Remember that there are a number of rebates for energy-efficient upgrades that you may be eligible for! 

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