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Stop Work Orders Series: Why Stop Orders Happen and How To Prevent Them

Stop Work Orders Series: Why Stop Orders Happen and How To Prevent Them

Stop Work Orders may be scary, but they are completely preventable. If you follow a few simple steps, you will not have to worry about Stop Work Orders at all. Not sure why you want to avoid Stop Work Orders?

This month, we created a three-part series about Stop Work Orders

Check out the other blogs in this three-part series: 4 Perfect Examples of Why to Take Stop Work Orders Seriously and The Serious Consequences of Working Without Proper Permits. For now, though, let us concentrate on how to make sure you do not get a Stop Work Order.

Why would a Stop Work Order be issued?

There has to be an issue for a Stop Work Order to be posted. Most often, that issue is construction beginning without the proper Permits in place. If you are doing work that does not line up with what you applied to do, though, or you are not complying with the City’s Building Regulations, you can also receive a Stop Work Order.

All these cases have one similarity: they all involve having broken the City’s rules or regulations. If you do not break the rules or regulations, you should not receive a Stop Work Order.

Our top tips for avoiding Stop Work Orders

Follow these tips to make sure that you are meeting your responsibilities to the City during your home build or renovation.

1. Get the proper Permits

You always need to make sure you have the proper Permits in place before starting any construction. Do not ever say that you will do work first then apply for a Permit or that you are certain your Permit will be granted so you are fine to begin building before it has come through. If you do either of these things, you may end up with a genuine home horror story on your hands.

2. Do the work you have been approved for

Your Permits do not grant you the ability to do unlimited work. Instead, they allow you to complete the work you have proposed. Do not start any other build or renovation! If you do, this will count as work completed without a Permit and you can be penalized for it. Instead, submit a revision if there is a significant change in the scope of your build or renovation.

3. Comply with City regulations

City health and safety regulations exist for a reason – to keep you and your neighbours safe. If you ignore these regulations, you may face serious consequences, including criminal charges. Even worse, you may cause someone to be hurt or even killed. We know you do not want to do this, so never take the risk and do not break these regulations.

4. Work with professionals

The best way to make sure you get the appropriate Permits and that your work follows the City’s Building Regulations is to work with professionals. Make sure that the professional team you are bringing in has experience, as well as the knowledge necessary to guide you through the building or renovation process. Some teams may even handle your Permits for you, allowing you to enjoy a smooth build or renovation. Then, at the end of the process, you will be able to have complete confidence in the work that was done.

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