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Think you know the BC Building Code? Think again or risk a Stop Work Order

Think you know the BC Building Code? Think again or risk a Stop Work Order

As Building Codes are available to the public, many people believe that they do not need professional guidance regarding renovations, and attempt to do it themselves. Individuals with some knowledge of Building Codes may also believe they have enough information to handle Vancouver renovations on their own. However, not working with a Vancouver Home Designer can land you a Stop Work Order. This article explains why, and how to avoid this costly problem.

What you don’t know can hurt you – and get you a Stop Work Order

We encountered a client who came to us after trying to handle renovations on his own.

Having some professional building experience in other areas of BC, he thought he knew the Building Code – not realizing that Vancouver has its own regulations in the Vancouver Building By-Law (VBBL), which is different than the provincial regulations within the BCBC.

He had undertaken major renovations without consulting the VBBL or getting the proper permits. It was only after he completed the renovations that he was hit with a Stop Work Order.

He was forced to undo all the work he had completed, then had to start over from scratch on his renovation – this time, with our assistance.

How do you avoid getting a Stop Work Order?

The simplest and most effective way to avoid a Stop Work Order is to work with a Vancouver Home Designer. A professional Home Designer knows the regulations and the permitting system, allowing us to guide you through the process.

Remember that regulations in Vancouver are different from other cities, the rest of BC, and other parts of Canada, so you need to have local expertise. Also, the Building Code is updated periodically, so outdated knowledge is no guarantee that your project aligns with current regulations. Ultimately, this comes down to being prepared.

By working with a professional from a start, you are paying a bit more than you would if you were handling your project alone, but you are ensuring that you will not get a Stop Work Order which can cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars – not to mention causes serious delays to your project – down the road.

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